The New Olympio Concept is to take care of yourself with a wonderful massage, where humans become gods. In a world where luxury and refinement are at your disposal, with personalized and exclusive therapies.

Mutual Respect

Sensual and erotic therapies require a high degree of sensitivity from everyone involved, so mutual respect is vital.

It’s easy for emotions to surface and trigger the desire for something more during therapy; it is therefore very important to respect the norms of therapy and therapist.

During the massage there is no type of sexual activity. If the client’s behavior exceeds the boundaries of space and therapist, therapy will immediately be terminated.


At New Olympio, for your health and for the health of our team, hygiene is a fundamental pillar.

The initial and final bath of therapy is therefore mandatory, as our materials are all sanitized and sterilized.

Our oils are carefully chosen and dermatologically tested. Bath towels, disposable bath slippers, personal care products such as disposable hairbrushes, deodorants, hair gel, hand sanitizer and shower gel are available in every cabinet at your disposal.